Custom Amiibo IMG

As soon as it was revealed Reggie Fils-Aimé was stepping down as the Nintendo of America President, the man himself reached out to fans with a special recording via social media, thanking everyone for their never-ending support, passionate love of Nintendo and for putting a smile on his face every day.

If his words alone weren't already heartwarming enough, one fan actually made an interesting discovery in what is likely to be Reggie's final video for the company.

Nintendo DIY expert GandaKris spotted the custom-made amiibo she sent Reggie, sitting on his desk. She didn't even know if the amiibo gunner had got to him when she passed it onto Nintendo Wire for delivery, so it was a rather big surprise when she did notice it. Below is her reaction:

If the name sounds familiar, it's possibly because you've seen the work of GandaKris here on Nintendo Life in the past. She was recently responsible for those replica Super Smash Bros. Ultimate invitations and a while ago when the social media sensation Bowsette was trending, she created a custom-made amiibo.

This is another example of just how much Reggie adored the Nintendo community. For anyone who missed his retirement clip, here it is below:

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