What on Earth is this?
Image: Redfin/Bright MLS

Where to even begin? Welcome, friends, to an article more fitting of our 'Random' tag than we could ever have imagined.

3625 Elm Ave in Baltimore US has appeared as an available listing on real estate brokerage site, Redfin. Normally, this wouldn't fall anywhere near our area of expertise, but the listing is so bizarre (and just about Nintendo related), that we simply couldn't ignore it.

As well as standard photographs of the building, its rooms, and even local scenery, the property's photo album includes a whopping 21 images featuring the creepiest Pikachu we've ever seen, complete with human feet. Why was this Pikachu employed to sell the house? What happened to the poor thing during its childhood? Will we ever get the image of the Pikachu in the shower out of our heads? We'll probably never know.

Image: Redfin/Bright MLS

You can check out the listing and all of its photos for yourself here if you like (until it gets taken down, of course). At the time of writing, viewings are available to be booked in, although we imagine that the Pikachu of Despair™ won't be there.

Has this convinced you to buy the home? Would you like to be employed as a real estate Pikachu model? Let us know your thoughts on this important topic in the comments below.

[source redfin.com, via nintendosoup.com]