If you're anything like us, hearing a piece of gaming music or even that familiar 'click' of the Nintendo Switch logo will instantly draw your attention to the TV. We'd expect to hear it in an advert every now and then, but never during a government-owned network's official broadcast schedule.

Amazingly, Beijing Media Network, a Chinese network available across certain territories in Asia and North America, did exactly that, using an incredibly familiar piece of music from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild during a transition. The show in question was a special celebration programme for the Chinese New Year taking place this week.

Users on Chinese social media platform, Weibo, have been discussing the legality of the music being played. It's rare to see a piece of a video game music be officially licensed for other uses, and many suspect that Beijing Media may have simply used the piece without permission. We'll likely never know whether or not the music was authorised for use, but we'd certainly be more interested in watching TV if it had Zelda music playing all the time.

Now then, excuse us while we go and play Breath of the Wild again for the gazillionth time.

[source twitter.com, via weibo.com]