One of the standout games in the Nintendo Direct was, obviously, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening on Switch. Following the mighty Zelda: Breath of the Wild as the second game of the franchise to come to Nintendo's newest machine, this one was a lovely surprise to close out the show, but Nintendo actually teased the entire thing earlier on. And we never even noticed.

A famous landmark from the original game on Game Boy is the Wind Fish's Egg, a gigantic egg that sits on top of Mount Tamaranch and unsurprisingly houses the glorious Wind Fish himself. We see this egg (in its remastered beauty) in one of the lovely shots during the remake reveal's opening, but we'd already seen the blasted thing just moments before.

That's right, the Smash spring update - which featured a giant purple Yoshi egg - was teasing us the whole time. Originally, we just assumed the egg was a simple reference to spring, letting it slip by without another thought. It wasn't until we saw the Wind Fish's Egg at the end of the show that we realised it was also doubling up as a cheeky hint (the giant nature, the purple colouring, Link being there - it has to be, right?), and now we feel pretty silly about the whole thing.

We imagine (well, hope) that many of you lovely readers hadn't realised either, but we're happy to have spotted it even this late on. Perhaps in the next Nintendo Direct, we should analyse every single frame the moment they hit our over-excited eyeballs. Who knows what clues Nintendo might be dropping?

Did your mind jump to Link's Awakening when seeing the egg for the first time? Did you only make the connection afterwards, or perhaps even just now? Let us know in the comments below.