2019 is already shaping up to be a rather mysterious year on the Nintendo front; there are a number of major titles already scheduled to launch over the next twelve months, but there's a distinct 'there's going to be more than this'-type feeling in the air, leaving fans entirely unsure of what to expect. Can you feel it?

For months now, fans have been waiting for a Nintendo Direct presentation to spill the 2019 beans once and for all, but there's still no sign of one coming. Should we start to assume that there won't be any more games than already promised, then? Absolutely not, as pointed out by Nintendo Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer, Shinya Takahashi in a recently shared Q+A session:

"I have heard some people say we have a tendency towards slow development, but thatʼs certainly not true in every case. We have titles currently in development that we havenʼt announced yet, some of which weʼre preparing to release this year, and I donʼt anticipate the kind of delays they would be concerned about."

The statement comes as a response to a question asking about Nintendo's process management for software development. Interestingly, Shigeru Miyamoto followed up on Takahashi's words by talking about the importance of Nintendo's younger developers.

"I am continuing to entrust more authority to younger people, and I believe it is through them that we have established our own unique, Nintendo-like development structure. I want to continue to nurture their growth, while we preserve Nintendoʼs unique way of making games."

So, more unannounced Nintendo games are planned to arrive this year, and the company is actively nurturing its young talent. It certainly sounds like the future is going to be a bright one.

What games are you hoping for Nintendo to reveal this year? New IPs? Sequels? Remasters? Let us know in the comments.

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