We're pretty used to seeing glitches in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at this point - an inevitability really, considering the huge number of possible inputs and actions players can cause within the game - and this one joins the glitch roster in style.

Seemingly discovered by Twitter user, Nudolf, this glitch causes an odd little scenario with assist trophies. Exact details for replicating the glitch aren't clear, but it only happens when an assist trophy is attracted to a player through a Spirit ability - as you can see below, the trophy is attracted to the player while floating through the air, causing it to land incorrectly and bounce up and down.

From there, the trophy follows the player's movements and, if you're patient enough, the black shadowy figure actually starts to creepily edge its way out of its casing. We know the game is centred around freeing spirits, but we didn't expect to see this kind of thing going on.

This isn't the first time a glitch has been found with the game's assist trophies; back in December, a glitch was found which could make infinite versions of the trophy character appear on screen. We don't know which one's the most terrifying, really.

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