If you love what Image & Form Games has done with the SteamWorld series over the years, you're no doubt keeping tabs on its next release, SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech. This Switch title - recently revealed during the Nintendo Indie Highlights presentation - is steering the series in a completely new card-based RPG direction.

With some room to shake things up a little this time around, Image & Form has now posted a tweet asking fans to create their very own background NPC for SteamWorld Quest. The best description or sketch of a robot doing something will then be added to the game. The winner will also score a free copy of SteamWorld Quest on the Switch. Unfortunately, the deadline is soon - so be quick!

As we've seen so many impressive entries, we've decided to feature some here. Take a look below:

Did you put in an entry? Are you excited for SteamWorld Quest? Have you played many digital card games before? Leave a comment below.

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