Wolfenstein Youngblood

Last June, there was a rumour Wolfenstein: Youngblood would be making its way across to the Nintendo Switch. The idea of this happening came about when a GameStop employee revealed the game was listed for Switch and this followed with it appearing on the company's website.

It now seems to have happened again, with a supposed list of upcoming releases for the Switch this year making reference to Youngblood. Bethesda at this stage has not made any official announcements about this standalone Wolfenstein experience coming to Nintendo's new platform.

However, Bethesda's Marketing Executive Pete Hines previously teased "the next Wolfenstein" game would, in fact, be coming to the Switch at a panel in October last year. This means the next Switch-bound release is either Youngblood or possibly the third mainline entry in the series.

In the same listing, you can see Square Enix's Dragon Quest Heroes I•II. The compilation game was released as a Japanese launch title for Switch and was never localised. The current placeholder date for both titles is 31st December 2019.

GameStop Listing
Image: @King_Nido17

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