If there's one thing Nintendo fans love to do above all else (apart from agonising, complaining, rejoicing, and practically hyperventilating over actual, rumoured, or even fictional Nintendo Directs) it's speculating over which characters may or may not appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. One character who has been talked about for quite some time now is Dante of the Devil May Cry series, with many hoping to see him face off against Hideki Kamiya's other creation, Bayonetta.

With Persona's Joker being revealed as the first of five upcoming DLC characters, only four spots now remain, and Dante fans are hoping that one of these may well be reserved for him. Devil May Cry's current director, Hidaki Itsuno, has spoken about the character's potential for a Smash appearance in a recent chat with VG24/7, noting that the series has never been available on a Nintendo platform, going against Smash's usual system.

“Well, you think about it… I’m pretty sure that they… all the characters in Smash at least have some game on a Nintendo platform, right? Well, that’s the thing. Devil May Cry has never been on a Nintendo platform. So it seems like the first thing to do would be to get Capcom to put Devil May Cry on a Nintendo platform in some way, shape or form – whatever game that might be.”

It's a valid point; almost every Smash character has appeared on a Nintendo system at least once. Cloud is a notable exception, but he acts as a representation for Final Fantasy as a whole, a series which has appeared on lots of Nintendo systems over the years (and Final Fantasy VII is coming to Switch in the future, of course).

VG24/7 notes that Itsuno ended the statement by gesturing to a Capcom representative in the room, saying "Tell her!". It certainly sounds like there are no plans for Dante to appear in the game, and the more logical step may well be to let Capcom know of any demand for the series on Switch.

Are you still hoping to see Dante in Smash? Would you like Devil May Cry to come to Switch? Let us know in the comments.

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