Flyhigh Works and CIRCLE Entertainment have revealed that World Tree Marché is landing on Switch later this week.

The game is described as a "warm-hearted management simulation" in which you run the market of a struggling ‘world tree’ together with six chefs. You'll be taking the role of Royal Food Adviser, tasked with helping those six chefs through unique gourmet storylines, finding new recipes and stopping the evil Gourmand Corporation along the way.

To do this, you'll be finding and buying ingredients to cook, creating recipes, and then arranging them in stores. You can get a taste of the action in the trailer above; Flyhigh Works assures us that while the video features Japanese text throughout, the NA / PAL releases will be fully localised into English.

World Tree Marché will launch worldwide on the Switch eShop on 28th February. You'll be able to pick it up for $11.99 / €11,99.

Do you like the look of this one? Are management sims your kind of thing? Tell us below.