V-Jump continues to drip-feed information about the upcoming Dragon Ball title for Nintendo Switch. Following the news earlier this week the digital card game would support online battles, the Twitter account for the Japanese manga magazine has now revealed Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission will arrive next year in Japan on 4th April 2019.

We've also got some details to share about the game's story from the official Bandai Namco website, courtesy of a translation by Gematsu:

This is the story of a new “Hero” in the world of Dragon Ball.

This is a world where the super warriors that were once active are now treated as heroes. With the technology of Capsule Corporation, a card game called “Super Dragon Ball Heroes” based on those super warriors was developed.

A boy named Beat, who visits Hero Town—where “Super Dragon Ball Heroes” is the biggest craze—is captivated by the “Super Dragon Ball Heroes” tournament shown on the video display in town, and steps into that world.

A boy who encounters “Dragon Ball Heroes” for the first time upon visiting Hero Town. He enters a tournament out of curiosity, where Great Saiyaman 3 recognizes his qualities. As one of the “Dragon Ball Heroes,” he will change the fate of the world in a big way.

The game's villain for the story mode has been revealed as well. According to ComicBook, his name is Cirrus. Take a look below:


Now that the Japanese release date has been decided, hopefully Bandai Namco and Dimps will make a local announcement in the near future. The game was rated by the Australian Classification Board in November, so a western release is expected.

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