The 1985 8-bit stealth action-adventure game Saboteur! is making its way across to the Switch eShop on 9th November for the price of $8.00. It was originally developed by Clive Townsend, published by Durell Software and released on multiple platforms including the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64.

In SimFabric's remastered version for Nintendo Switch, you'll once again take on the role of a ninja who must steal a computer disk from a high-security warehouse. As a bonus, the story will continue on with new levels, enemies and a new soundtrack. There are over 10 hours of gameplay and it's said to be five times bigger than the original release. If that's still not enough, there are nine different retro console visual filters, 22 special achievements to unlock and even secrets and easter eggs to reveal. Take a look at the trailer above and some screenshots of the remaster below:

Did you play this game back in the day? Will you be downloading it from the eShop when it arrives on Switch? Tell us below.