The famous arcade basketball game NBA Jam was originally released by Midway in 1993 and made available on the Super Nintendo the year after. Anyone who played it will no doubt remember the game's cover art depicting a basketball exploding through a paper-like banner. For those who didn't know, this wasn't a CGI render or piece of artwork - there's actually a real-life version of this ball and it still exists to this day.

As spotted by Kotaku, video game historian and collector Steven Lin recently acquired this "original prop basketball" in an auction. According to the owner himself, it was apparently used during the production of the NBA Jam box art.

If you're wondering how it still looks in peak condition 25 years on, that's because it's actually a full-scale resin model. Lin says he'll be sending it off to a museum once he's done thinking about all of the adventures it's had over the years.

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