When Mario Tennis Aces was released in June, it was praised for improving the series. Not long after, it was criticised by players - with some even calling the game's developer Camelot "lazy" for not fleshing out certain modes and features. The character roster was linked to this, with a limited selection of players on release.

Since then, the developer has fixed bugs, added in features and slowly released more characters. Yesterday we found out Luma, Pauline and Boom Boom would be joining the player roster early next year, and now, Nintendo's Japanese YouTube account has uploaded two new videos (above and below) promoting the upcoming arrival of Petey Piranha and Shy Guy. These two new characters will be added to the roster in December alongside the online tournament doubles division - allowing you to compete with a friend. Peter Piranha is all about powerful actions on the court and Shy Guy specialises in technical play.

Take a look at these short videos and let us know if you're still enjoying Mario Tennis Aces on the Switch.

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