Pokemon Let's Go

One of the most notable elements of Pokémon: Let's Go on Switch is the fact that it offers connectivity with Pokémon GO, the smartphone title has is played by millions upon millions of people every day.

However, getting the two games to connect with one another is proving to be something of a sticking point for some players. Three members of the Nintendo Life team - all using Android devices, we should probably add - found that initially, they were unable to pair their Pokémon GO account with Let's Go on Switch.

When attempting to connect the two, the status screen on the Switch remains on the 'searching' mode and nothing happens, while the phone displays your Switch, showing that it can at least detect it. Eventually, the app on the phone will prompt you to try again, but nothing happens.

If you find yourself in this situation, there's an easy fix you can try which solved things for us. If you have any other devices connected to your phone via Bluetooth (such as a smartwatch or fitness tracker), disconnect them - you may also wish to turn Bluetooth on and off or totally restart your phone, just to be sure.

When we did this, we found that we could connect the two games instantly without any issues. It may not work for you, but we've had reports online that doing this has solved the issue for many users.

Let us know if you're one of them by posting a comment below.