Grunka Munka Games has revealed that its upcoming arena brawler Collidalot is headed to Switch next month, with a 9th November release date now securely in place.

Collidalot is a local multiplayer game where players must take part in jet-powered destruction derby action, all with a rail-grinding twist. You'll be piloting post-apocalyptic hover cars and crashing them into your opponents, with the world around you acting as a wasteland where the only goal is to battle your way to glory.

Energy rails are suspended above the unforgiving planet surface, with pilots having to grind along them at breakneck speeds for map dominance. Despite the high-octane action, though, Grunka Munka Games says that title is "a fun, family-friendly, futuristic destruction derby-type game that intentionally has no blood, no gore, and no guns".

Here's a list of features and a selection of screenshots for your perusal.

- Unique, never-before-seen gameplay
- Post-apocalyptic jet cars paint rails in a brightly-colored art style
- Original soundtrack mixes desert beats with techno vibes
- Hard-hitting collisions and epic special moves keep opponents on their toes
- Quick, addicting gameplay keeps players coming back match after match to prove who is king of the wasteland

The game has won several awards on its journey to Switch, and could well be an intriguing addition to the console's selection of four-player local multiplayer titles.

Do you like the look of Collidalot? Will you be keeping an eye out for its release next month? Tell us below.