The World Ends With You

Last week's arrival of The World Ends With You: Final Remix on Nintendo Switch was welcomed with open arms by fans of the original 2007 cult hit on Nintendo DS. One long-time Italian fan known as "Mewster" online, loved Square Enix's game so much, he began translating the original version to his local language back when he was 16-years old. When the game developer - now 25-years old - found out the re-release on Switch would have an official Italian translation, he was overjoyed.

Things took a bit of an odd turn, though, when he tuned into a stream to take a look at how the translation process was handled by Square Enix. It wasn't long after this that he realised it all looked quite similar to his own work on the original game.

Speaking to Kotaku, "Mewster" also known as Francesco said he realised the Switch port had gone as far as placing line breaks in the word balloons - just like his own translation. Although he hasn't seen the entire game on the Switch, the 25-year old developer is confident 90 percent of it borrows from his own efforts. In saying this, he's also aware that fan translations are a grey area and clarified he would not be seeking financial compensation from Square Enix:

Now I’m only amused to discover I worked (unknowingly) for the game I loved... This is something I probably will add to my CV, and I’m not interested in making someone pay for something I made so many years ago.

At most, he would like to see Square Enix acknowledge his work:

The best I could hope for is an official acknowledgement of what happened, but I’m happy just in seeing my translation in the official game... I hope it will remain in the game after all. It means they liked 90% of my translation.

What do you think about this? Is it just a coincidence, or do you think it's plausible scenario that the Italian translation in the Switch version has been derived from this fan's work on the DS game? Tell us in the comments.