Telltale Clem IMGb

Last week, Telltale posted an update on Twitter about The Walking Dead - revealing potential partners had stepped forward and expressed interest in helping see The Final Season through to completion.

Now, according to two anonymous sources in contact with Kotaku, the deal would essentially result in Telltale passing the final two episodes on to a separate company which would then offer contracts to former Telltale employees to complete the game. The earnings would go towards the company and the team hired to complete the games, rather than Telltale.

According to the same sources, episode three of the The Walking Dead's season finale is basically complete, having been scheduled for a ratings review - which is the step right before official platform certification and classification. Episode four was also on track prior to the turmoil - with voice work for the first part complete. If a deal does go ahead, it's likely the company in charge would use the absolute minimum amount of staff required to release the games.

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