As we found out in July, the Dutch company Romino Games had plans to re-release its sequel to Swords & Soldiers on the Switch. It's now been confirmed the game will arrive next month on 6th November on other platforms. The Switch version won't be far behind however, the lovely folks over at Ronimo Games are aiming for the Switch version to be available at some point in December.

Swords & Soldiers II Shawarmageddon has been tweaked and improved from top to bottom. This side-scrolling strategy remake about Vikings, demons and Persian armies includes new maps, achievements and the entire campaign has been further polished. The most exciting addition in this new version is online multiplayer. Here's what the story is about in the sequel:

Redbeard makes a return from the original, and meets up with Al'Yucaneet to follow a mysterious trail of missing sheep.

The side-scrolling RTS series began life exclusively on WiiWare in 2009, received a 3D makeover in 2013 and made a few appearances during the Wii U’s life cycle. The sequel was also a timed exclusive on the system in 2015.

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