oOo: Ascension, a fast-paced arcade game created by solo developer Kenny Creanor, arrives on Nintendo Switch later this week.

In the game, players must navigate their ship through short but "ferociously difficult" levels in the shortest time possible. The catch is that you'll need to do this without touching any walls, spinning blades, lasers or other hazards that are waiting to rip you to shreds at any given moment. The game is said to re-visit the ramping difficulty of old-school arcade games; each challenge can be completed in just a handful of seconds, but doing so can be "rage-inducing".

The game was originally released as an Xbox exclusive back in May, but is now making its way to both Switch and Steam. The developer tells us that he has "always thought that [the game] would be best suited to the Switch" ever since its inception, however, so we're eager to see how it plays out on Nintendo's machine.

- A lightning-paced test of reflexes and skill across 90 levels split into 9 Sectors, each with it's own unique challenges and visual style
- Local Co-op mode - race with (or against) a friend
- Online leaderboards to see how you rank globally for each Sector
- Ghosts allow you to see your fastest time for each level, or latest attempt if you haven't completed it yet

The game arrives later this week on 4th October, priced at $9.99, €8.99, and £7.99.

Will you be giving oOo: Ascension a try on Switch?