Reggie Nintendo IMG

During his appearance on stage at Seattle's Geekwire Summit earlier this week, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime said the company's approach was to do things differently. He reinforced this point by referencing the unique voice chat system on the Switch and how it could be used on the go.

When asked if he considered Xbox and PlayStation as a competitor to the Switch, Reggie said Nintendo was focused on the bigger picture:

My competitive set is much bigger than my direct competitors in Sony and Microsoft. I compete for time. When I do that, I have to be creative and innovative in order to win that battle.

Reggie went on to explain how Nintendo was actually competing for the entertainment time in consumers' lives:

That time you spend surfing the Web, watching a movie, watching a telecast of a conference: that's all entertainment time we’re competing for.

What do you think about Reggie's comments? Are you pleased to hear Nintendo is not concerned about the competition? Or do you think it should try and appeal to the same market as Sony and Microsoft more often? Tell us below.