Wii in a tin

We've seen some pretty crazy stuff over the years here at Nintendo Life, but we genuinely think that this might just slide its way into the top spot of our 'random, crazy, but absolutely wonderful' list.

A hardware modder going by the name of Shank has seemingly managed to squeeze a fully functional Wii into an Altoids breath mint tin. Apparently, "it's the worst thing ever", with a ten-minute battery life and "awful" controls, but there's definitely an element of charm in play here, too. Shank shared the creation on Twitter.

The device has been called 'KillMii' and has a (very) trimmed down Wii motherboard inside - that's right, an actual Wii, not an emulation. A two-inch screen has been slotted into a wobbly cutout portion of the tin, 3DS buttons and circle pads have been used for the controls, and it even has the option to support Wii remotes via a custom sensor bar. Shank has shared a video on YouTube to show the thing actually running, booting up a quick game of Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Shank says that "this portable is not logical, comfortable, or practical,” and - while we completely agree - we still think it's pretty fantastic.

Would you buy one if Nintendo released this tomorrow? Could you live with a ten-minute battery life on your Wii tin console? Let us know below.

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