Pokémon GO doesn't like to tamper with its beautiful collection of fictional monsters very often, but a big rebalancing of stats has now (kind of) happened, resulting in nerfs and boosts of the usual stars in the game. Let us explain...

Last night, an update went live in the game, with eager fans instantly noticing that many of their beloved 'mon had seen changes to their CP (or Combat Power). The update was soon pulled back thanks to a bug found inside the new patch, but that didn't stop the incredibly hard workers over at Silph Road from gathering as much data as humanly possible on the changes.

Among the most notable changes are Chansey and Blissey - two of the most favoured Gym defenders thanks to their incredibly high HP stats - who have seen their maximum CP values knocked rather considerably and will therefore be a little easier to take down. Other creatures like Snorlax, Slaking and Rhydon have seen similar treatment, although the upcoming inclusion of Gen 4's Rhyperior (the evolved form of Rhydon) should make up for the latter.

Elsewhere, you'll be pleased to know, many monsters have actually seen quite large improvements and power boosts. Pokémon such as Tyranitar, Dragonite, Gyarados, Gardevoir and Machamp have all seen improvements on the whole, although it's worth noting that while CP values may have increased for your favourite, their individual defence stat may have actually been lowered. The technicalities behind Pokémon GO's internal workings could form its own university degree, but this Silph Road spreadsheet should give you a helping hand.

The update containing all of these changes should go live again soon as, among other things, this patch will set the stage for the inclusion of Generation 4 Pokémon - those originally found in the Sinnoh region in Pokémon Diamond & Pearl.

Do you play the game to such a level that these changes will impact your progress, or do you prefer to play in a more casual manner, simply catching any wild Pokémon you see? Let us know with a comment.

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