On today's episode of 'Japan gets all the cool stuff and we're growing increasingly jealous by the day', we introduce to you the upcoming Collector's Edition of Stardew Valley.

Yes, the hugely addictive farming simulator is getting the physical treatment in the land of the rising sun, with a fancy bundle set to be available in January. Oizumi Amuzio is releasing the special bundle, complete with a Beginner's Guide Book for those new to the game, the game's original soundtrack, and a physical map of Pelican Town.


The bundle will be available to consumers on 31st January 2019, retailing at 3,500 yen (before tax). Of course, assuming this bundle doesn't make it to the west - although we can't know for sure - there may well be options to import this package should you be particularly interested. We wouldn't blame you if you did import a copy either - Stardew Valley is a mighty fine way to spend your time.

Are you a fan of Stardew Valley? Might this special edition tempt you to double-dip and import? Let us know in the comments.