With Super Mario Party finally gracing our Switch consoles after its release last week, we imagine there are countless parties and gatherings taking place around the world with friends and family getting together to play minigames, squabble over character selections, and shout at each other for the entire evening.

If this happens to be you, you might want to take advantage of these My Nintendo reward offerings. The North American version of the site has listed printable party hats and Super Mario Party dice to dot around your home for your party hosting endeavours. The hats can be obtained by trading in 30 of your Platinum Points (which can instantly be found by accessing the website) and the dice is completely free.


You can find each item via the links below.

If you live in a different region but still want to get your hands on the items, simply create a North American Nintendo account with a new, separate email address to your normal account. This way, you can access the North American rewards.

Will you be spicing things up with a decorative Mario party? Let us know with a comment below.