Dragalia Lost Mobile IMG

Last week, Sensor Tower released data revealing the latest Nintendo-published game Dragalia Lost had grossed an estimated $3.5 million in the first five days. Its limited-size launch placed it behind every existing Nintendo mobile game including Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

New data now shows a more promising future for the Cygames developed title. In the first two weeks, the game grossed an estimated $16 million. $13.5 million of spending was predominantly linked to Japan and the US. This places it ahead of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp over the same two week period, as can be seen below:


According to Sensor Tower, Japanese players are still the primary market for the game, totalling 69 percent of in-game spending. 16 percent of spending comes from the US, and Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau cover the remaining 15 percent. iOS users also make up 60 percent of the game's player base.

Compared to the first week, Cygames' release is the 10th ranked iPhone game in terms of revenue in Japan. It's moved up one place since last week. In the US it's dropped from the 55th to the 62nd place. In terms of Google Play revenue, it's dropped from 3rd to 5th place in Japan and in the US it's gone from 35th to 32nd place.

Have you played Dragalia Lost yet? Have you spent money in the game? Do you play other Nintendo mobile titles? Tell us below.

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