Developer Light Maze has revealed that its upcoming arcade brawler Varion will be lighting up a Nintendo Switch near you on 8th November.

The game is described as a "3D arcade action top-down brawler", featuring couch multiplayer battles for one-to-four players. As you can likely tell from the trailer above, the game is set in a futuristic universe in which players can control robots - your goal is to fight inside an infinite number of booby-trapped, procedurally generated arenas in relentless, fast-paced battles.

Direct shots to opponents simply stun them, with bounce shots being required to fully take them out. Your environments change and ammo is limited (and must be reloaded by moving), so players are forced to stay on the move. You have access to a dual-stick control scheme, a dash move, counter attacks, "special actions" and a variety of power-ups including mines, blades and bombs. The best players will use all of the above to develop expert combat strategies.

You can play with a match configuration tool in the game's Battle Mode, as well as a variety of preset rules like Deathmatch, Melee, and Survivor, allowing you to mix up your sessions when you want a change of pace. You can find out a little more about what the game has to offer with this feature list below.

- Genuine gameplay based on bounce shots: Take advantage of the walls to blast your opponents!
- Easy to learn, hard to master dual-stick gameplay that will suit every gamer types, from casual to hardcore.
- Fast-paced local battles for up to four players. Play solo or team up with your friends: one-versus-one-versus-one, two-versus-two, one-versus-three, one-versus-one-versus-two, etc.
- Diversified booby-trapped environments which won’t give you a break: exploding electrodes, gas jets, rambling Minotaur, portals, etc.
- A dash move to avoid enemy shots, throw them back, or push your opponents.
- Original dynamo-based reloading system: don’t camp or you’re dead!
- Deadly power-ups to electrify the scuffle: cluster shots, melee blades, IEM bombs and more.
- Hours of non-stop fun thanks to procedural stages and a highly customizable battle configuration tool.
- A solo/co-op Challenge mode to sharpen your skills against bots and beat your high scores.

The game will be available on Switch on 8th November for $12.99.

Will you be giving this one a go?