In case you'd somehow forgotten, Starlink: Battle for Atlas is only around a month away from release, bringing a whole new gameplay experience to the Switch on 16th October. While we patiently wait for that exciting release date, Ubisoft has shared an extended look some of the title's gameplay.

The video starts by jumping into the shoes of Mason, a member of the Starlink Initiative on his way to Haven - one of the seven planets of the game's solar system. We get to see some story elements, with members of the Forgotten Legion interrupting proceedings, some epic space battles which are very reminiscent of Star Fox, and the beautiful scenery visible on the planet's surface.

There are several areas shown in the video, and we also get to see the game's additional toy-to-life parts be used to bring in new elements for the player's ship. There's a decent amount of battling on display here, giving us a good look at how the game will realistically play out, and even a look at how different attachable weapons can be used to solve puzzles.

Unfortunately, we don't get to see Nintendo's very own Fox McCloud join in with the action, but we're sure we'll see enough of him when we play the game anyway.

Are you excited for Starlink: Battle for Atlas? Does this video help to persuade you either way on a purchase? Feel free to share your thoughts with us below.