Mega Man 11 is a classic take on Capcom's long-running series with a fresh new look. To build interest in the game leading up to its October release, a special demo showcasing a single boss has now been released on the Switch eShop.

As previously noted, this demo allows players to take on a variety of enemies and overcome multiple traps in the Block Man stage. You'll also get to try out the Double Gear system which allows you to slow down time and power-up shots. 

The demo is available to download in both the UK and the US, so if you're not entirely sure if this is the right game for you, now might be the time to test it out. If you've enjoyed it, you can then pre-order the game - allowing you to play it as soon as it does become available on 2nd October. 

Are you still on the fence about Mega Man 11? Have you downloaded this demo and pre-ordered the game? Tell us below.