Super Mario Party

As the October release of Super Mario Party on the Nintendo Switch draws closer, each day we seem to learn a bit more about it. If it wasn't already evident, it's now been confirmed the upcoming title won't support handheld mode. This is all tied to the fact multiple mini-games make use of the Joy-Con gyro feature. The only modes that will be supported in the multiplayer title are docked and tabletop (as promoted in the videos leading up to release). Below is a chart from Nintendo's Japanese website:

TableTop Mode Mario Party

This confirmation follows the recent news the game would not support Pro Controllers. Given how this is a multiplayer experience, the decisions Nintendo has made so far arguably make sense. The question is - how do you feel about this? Would you have liked to have been able to play Super Mario Party in handheld mode? Do you think button input should be an added extra for portable solo play? Would you like to see a patch enabling this playstyle? Tell us in the comments.

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