Shovel Knight

As you might have heard, Yacht Club Games' Shovel Knight has recently been doing the rounds in just about every fighting game under the sun. He's made cameos in Indie Pogo and Blade Strangers, got added to the Rivals of Aether roster and has even been included as an assist trophy in the upcoming Nintendo release, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

If that wasn't already enough cameo appearances to last him a lifetime, Ubisoft has now announced Shovel Knight is now also on his way to Brawlhalla. He won't be joining the fight alone, though. He'll be joined by Specter Knight, Plague Knight, Dark Knight and King Knight. These additional characters will reportedly be alternate skins, with special select animations and signature effects. In a single tweet, Ubisoft said it will reveal more about the Shovel Knight crew soon:

This is the second cameo fighter announcement for Brawlhalla in recent times. At the start of this month, Ubisoft revealed Rayman was being added to Blue Mammoth's free-to-play platform fighter. This was not a surprise at the time, given Ubisoft's recent acquisition of Blue Mammoth Games.

In case you also missed it, in August, Ubisoft revealed it was bringing Brawlhalla to the Switch eShop on 6th November. The title draws inspiration from series like Super Smash Bros. The character roster currently features over 40 unique fighters and there's plenty of modes including single-player, co-op, online and local competitive. The game is easy to learn but hard to master.

Are you excited Shovel Knight and the other knights are on the way to Brawlhalla? Do you plan on downloading this game from the eShop when it arrives on 6th November? Have you played it previously? Tell us in the comments.