The Philips CD-i
Image: Nintendo Life / Damien McFerran

Philips, the electronics company behind the ill-fated Philips CD-i, has responded to fan requests for a classic, miniature version of the console. Amazingly, it looks like it could actually happen.

A system easily forgotten about by fans, and possibly even more so by Nintendo, the Philips CD-i was initially released as a family entertainment system in 1991. Able to play a whole range of CD formats and cover all home entertainment needs, the CD-i originally focused on music and educational software, but the introduction of cheaper, low-end PCs around that time soon put it out of favour among consumers.

In an attempt to salvage the system, Philips soon encouraged console developers to create video games for the CD-i, but these were similarly unsuccessful thanks to it being generally underpowered compared to dedicated consoles at the time. Although not developed by Nintendo itself, a Super Mario game called Hotel Mario was released, as were three Legend of Zelda titles - Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon, Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda's Adventure. These were all met with mixed reviews, with many still believing the games to be inferior to Nintendo's own to this day.

We marginally prefer Breath of the Wild's Link if we're being honest

Of course, a generous supply of people did - and still do - have a love for the console despite its shortcomings, and fans have been asking Philips for a re-release of sorts. Things appear to have started thanks to this (presumably tongue-in-cheek) tweet from Chris Scullion, which even comes with its own mock-up advertisement for a 'Classic' edition.

At the time of writing, this tweet has gone on to be shared over 500 times, generating over 1,000 'likes' in the process. Others have left their own thoughts in the replies of this tweet, and Philips has been weighing in on the conversation, too. As you can see, the company seems fairly open to the possibility.

We've recently a seen a surge of miniature classic consoles being announced and released, with every console manufacturer and their dog jumping at the chance to earn some extra cash from nostalgic fans. If Nintendo, Sony, Sega, and SNK can do it, why not Philips?

Would you like to see a Philips CD-i Classic? Make sure to leave a comment down below if you do - perhaps Philips will answer your prayers!