Mega Man

Last week saw the release of the Mega Man 11 demo on Switch, which gives eager players the chance to try out the upcoming game ahead of release. As one might hope for, the demo mostly consists of the classic Mega Man action that fans have come to know and love, but one small change to the classic gameplay is leaving fans rather unhappy.

If you're a seasoned Mega Man veteran, you'll no doubt be aware of the blue bomber's floating boss door animation. Essentially, jumping into a boss door - and therefore being in midair when the door-opening animation kicks in - leaves Mega Man floating in the air as the animation takes place. The screen usually scrolls into the next room - with Mega Man still in the air - before plonking him on the ground in the new room as if by magic.

If the new demo is indicative of what we can expect to see in the full game next month, though, this animation has been scrapped, with Mega Man simply falling to the floor before the scrolling and door opening take place. For those not familiar with the series, this probably seems like a relatively small thing to be upset about, but diehard fans have quickly jumped online to demonstrate their upset.

And here's one fan reminding everyone how the doors "should" work.

Is this an understandable change, and one that doesn't really impact the game in any serious way? Or are nostalgia and familiarity important factors in series such as this, with small nods to the past being just as enjoyable as the new gameplay itself? We see a case for both sides, so we'll let you lovely readers work it out in the comments.

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