Prof Layton And Luke

In May, Famitsu magazine revealed Professor Layton and the Curious Village would receive a mobile HD remake in Japan. At the time, there was no mention if the game would be released in the west. 

A tweet from Apple's App Store Twitter account has now confirmed the title will be released on iOS locally in the near future, with more information to be revealed soon: 

The Level-5 game is expected to be published by Nintendo, who also handled the worldwide release of the original game on DS. According to Eurogamer, additional news about the game may or may not arrive on 12th September at a special Apple event. For those wondering, there's been no mention of a release on Android devices at this point in time. 

Professor Layton's first puzzle-driven story with Luke was originally released on the DS in 2007. Since then, there have been multiple entries in the series and even a cross-over with Phoenix Wright along the way.  

Have you played a Professor Layton game in the past? Would you be interested in the original game on mobile? Tell us below.