With Fortnite's fifth season now coming to a close, developer Epic Games has announced the start date for Season Six. If you hadn't already guessed from the title, that date is 27th September.

Following on from last season's changeover, a bonus XP weekend is taking place to help players reach their final targets for the season and unlock any leftover cosmetic goodies. Players will receive an additional 400% Match XP in all games from now until 24th September at 8am ET (1pm BST / 2pm CEST).

What changes will Season Six bring? We still don't know. Last season saw a dramatic 'Blast Off' event which resulted in multiple changes to the map and new rifts, and all sorts of other new mechanics were introduced throughout the season, too. If you've been playing regularly, you'll likely be aware of the giant purple cube that's been roaming around the map, recently creating a strange bouncy lake. Perhaps this will play a large part in the new season?

Will you be buying a Battle Pass for Season Six? Let us know below.