Badlad Games has released a new teaser trailer for Leopoldo Manquiseil, a 2D platformer headed to Switch this November.

A curious one to say the least, this game sees the titular Leopoldo suffering from a strange accident after returning home from work. When he wakes up he feels a little different, suddenly feeling an awful lot stronger and obtaining superpowers. Lucky for some. Naturally, you'll be jumping into Leopoldo's shoes, jumping, climbing, and shooting your way through the game, all while counting on the support and help of various other characters along the way.

Split into 24 separate levels, Leopoldo Manquiseil comes from the developers behind Nightmare Boy - which also released on Switch earlier this year. While we enjoyed some of the platforming ideas brought to the table in that game, we did notice "some glaring issues with its narrative, controls, pacing and performance" in our review. Hopefully this new title will address these things and be another great addition to the Switch library.

Game Features:
- Jump, double jump, dash, climb walls, shoot...
- Special levels in Flappy Bird and Pang style.
- Two challenge levels: one simpler is just to reach the end of the level. Another harder way to play will force you to do the above and ALSO get three unique items that will be spread among each level.
- The 24 levels are structured in three groups of 8. The last level of each group is always a final boss.

The development team is said to be applying the finishing touches to the game as we speak, with a November release date being the target.

Will you be keeping an eye out for this one?