After a pretty scary delay, Dark Souls: Remastered finally received a new release date last week, with Bandai Namco confirming that Switch owners will get their chance to own the game on 19th October. With that date now safely pinned down, it's time to start getting excited for its release once again, and maybe even take a cheeky peek at how it looks running on the console.

The latest build of the game has appeared at Gamescom, with attendees being given the chance to go hands-on and see how it looks in the flesh. YouTube channel Gaming Boulevard has uploaded a six-minute video of the game being played in portable mode, and while the bright lights of Gamescom might ruin the experience a little bit, it should give you a decent idea of how the game will look in your hands.

Of course, we already know that Dark Souls will run at 1080p while docked and 720p in handheld mode, with a frame rate of 30fps across the board. Things certainly look stable enough in the footage present above, so we're very hopeful that this will be another success story for Switch.

Are you looking forward to playing through Dark Souls: Remastered on your Switch? Are you ready to see 'You Died' emblazoned across your screen over and over again? Let us know with a comment below.

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