Dead Cells has been well-received since its release earlier this week on Switch, but according to Kotaku, one player who admits they are sensitive to "frame-drops and performance issues" has posted a public service announcement on Reddit to notify anyone considering this particular version of the game about these exact problems.  

The player said as soon as they entered the “first main level” in the game they immediately noticed the performance problems. It was also noted how the issues occur in both docked and handheld mode, with an entire section playing out “well below” 60fps:

This entire Promenade level plays out at well below the 60fps target; I'd estimate 40-50fps on average, with drops into the 30s.

The game's developer Motion Twin replied saying it was aware of the frame rate drops in certain areas of the game, and said it ultimately had two choices - fix the Switch version and delay it at the same time or release it alongside other versions of the game:

We are aware of the frame rate drops in some areas of the game. However we didn’t feel like it was getting in the way of us having a good time with Dead Cells, and we had to make a choice between; significantly delaying the launch of the Switch version of the game until after the release on the other platforms, or getting it out to fans at the same time as everyone else. The former seemed more damaging for Switch owners.

The developer said it would aim to fix the problem as soon as possible by allocating all available resources to the issue - with a reminder the development team is small in size, and ensured the “main priority as of now” is the Switch version of the game. 

Due to the nature of the required fix, it might take a while - with every minor tweak and performance adjustment already made prior to release:

This leaves us with the big time consuming changes as well as exploring new possibilities which might really help, or not, we won’t know until we start. Of course on console all updates must be certified before reaching you guys, which adds extra time between now and a potential fix.

The development team emphasised it wanted to be as transparent as possible about the issue and said it would commit to answering as much as it could about the technical aspects and challenges of porting the game.

At the end of Motion Twin's reply was an apology to Switch owners:

We apologize to everyone who was expecting a higher port quality and to anyone who has been disappointed by the performances on the Switch so far.

How is your experience with Dead Cells on Switch? Are the performance issues noticeable to you? Have you been enjoying the challenge of the game? Tell us below.