Japanese publisher Happinet has today announced that its very not happy looking game, Haunted Dungeons: Hyakki Castle, will be making its way to Switch at the end of this month.

Featuring a slightly different approach to the traditional real-time dungeon RPG genre, Haunted Dungeons: Hyakki Castle encourages players to split up with its 'two-party system' (you can see it in action in the trailer above). Players must use unique skills and move-sets to destroy the genuinely creepy monsters throughout the game, facing distinctive attacks and behaviours from the various enemy types on offer.

The game is set during the Edo Period of Japan, based on the eerie Hyakki Island - a place where prisoners are sent to live in exile. A mysterious castle suddenly appears on this island, bringing with it a terrifying group of monsters known as Yokai in Japanese literature. Here are all the features you need to know:

Game details:
Real-time RPG Action: Execute various tactics such as flanking, distracting, and more for your party in real-time as “Yokai” appear throughout the castle to bring death upon players
- Twice the Possibilities: Split your group of assassins into two parties at any time to deal with traps, puzzles, and enemies for unparalleled strategy and party options
- Explore a Monstrous Castle: The enormous castle is filled with cunning traps—some of which can only be solved by dividing your party—and tough boss monsters, testing player instincts and judgement
- Explore Japanese Character Classes and Races: Choose to play as an Oni, Tengu, Human, or Nekomata with four distinct races on tap to add diverse skillsets to your party
-Tutorial Mode: Learn to survive and defeat the Yokai and bosses in a tutorial mode that provides an in-depth explanation on all the mechanics and tactics needed to survive
Redefined UI Experience: Experience real-time gameplay with improved UI designed for console gameplay and beginners of the real-time dungeon RPG genre

The game will be available to purchase directly from the Nintendo Switch eShop for $13.99 / €11.99 / £10.99. Will you be trying this one out for size?