Jump through Flaming Hoops with a Shopping Cart or ATK is one of the weekly challenges in Fortnite

Complete it and you'll earn XP and Battle Stars that will help boost you up the Battle Pass tiers for those sweet exclusive rewards.

In this guide, we're going to help you find the exact location of every single flaming hoop so you can complete this challenge with ease. That way you can move onto completing the other difficult challenge for this week – search between a gas station, soccer pitch, and stunt mountain.

Fortnite - Flaming Hoops Locations


This challenge involves driving an ATK or Shopping Cart really fast off a ramp and through a series of flaming hoops. ATKs are those golf carts that were introduced at the beginning of season five by the way.

Above, you'll find a map of all of the ramps we've found so far. Below, we'll include screenshots of each one so you can help narrow down your search.

Snobby Shores

South of Snobby Shores you'll find a flaming hoop over a ravine.


Stunt Mountain

Stunt Mountain has a bunch of ramps on it, but you'll find the flaming hoop at its base.


South Shifty Shifts

South of Shifty Shafts, just to the south of an unnamed area and at the base of a mountain, you'll find a flaming hoop near a ramp.


West Lazy Links

Look for a rocky ditch west of Lazy Links and you'll find a flaming hoop near a ramp.


South Lazy Links

Head directly south of the "LA" in "lazy" to reach this flaming hoop. It's between two ramps with an ice cream truck inbetween.


North West Paradise Palms

Head to the bridge north west of Paradise Palms and drop down into the canyon. You'll find the flaming hoop just south of the bridge.


South Paradise Palms

Head to the road south of Paradise Palms and travel to the right side of it near the bend. You'll find a ramp with a flaming hoop just south of it.