DOOM Eternal

At QuakeCon, Bethesda announced DOOM Eternal was coming to the Nintendo Switch at some point in the future. The game will be handled by port specialist Panic Button and will include a new "Invasion Mode" where players can enter other player’s campaign runs. 

It's no surprise the game will also include other forms of multiplayer to make the game even more social. During an interview with Polygon, DOOM Eternal game director Marty Stratton revealed a player versus player component was currently in the works and it wouldn’t be a rehash of the last outing:

The Invasion stuff is just kind of one of the ways that we’re going to make the Doom experience social… But we’re not really going deep into that. We are working on a PvP component. It is new. It’s not an extension of what we did last time. So it’s new. It is something we’re developing internally, which we didn’t do last time. I think players are gonna really enjoy it.

Creative director Hugo Martin reinforced this statement by saying the new multiplayer is very good. The previous DOOM title included a selection of multiplayer deathmatch modes.

Would you like more traditional multiplayer modes in the upcoming DOOM game? Are you eager to try out the Invasion Mode? Does multiplayer in a game like DOOM even interest you? Tell us below.