Crash case

In this day and age, many consumers are going digital so it leaves publishers like Activision in a bit of a quandary regarding the approach to physical releases of games, such as Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy on the Switch.

Sure, they made the effort to put some artwork on the outside of the box, just so you know what game you're buying. But once you get home with your purchase, don't go expecting a nice image of Crash sticking his tongue out when you open the box. 

Activision has instead taken a minimalistic approach to the interior box artwork, in keeping with this new-fangled digital era in which we find ourselves.

This bold approach gathered near-universal praise on the Reddit thread on the subject and AdamG3691 summed up the mood of the masses quite nicely:

Bold, minimalist, inspired.

See how the blankness sharpens one's awareness of the game itself? Your attention is drawn to the cart, and then you think "surely there must be more?" Your eyes are drawn to the warranty and manual info, informing and enriching you with the knowledge they hold, yet offering the choice to remain in ignorance, to play truly blind.

You contemplate the possibilities of what could have been, the white void becoming a canvas to your imagination, and suddenly through you, the lack of inside art becomes all possible works of art, an infinite number bounded only by your mind.

You share your experiences with others online, that together you can ponder the true meaning of the expanse of nothingness, and together become enlightened.

Clearly OP you just don't have enough knowledge of the ironic arts to realise such beauty and genius!

Do you agree with Adam's hot take on the inside of the Crash box? Be sure to share your opinions on the minimalism movement with a comment below.