Dancing in front of different Birthday Cakes is a one-off challenge in Fortnite to celebrate the game's first birthday. You do have to own a Battle Pass to take part in this challenge, but it's well worth it as you'll earn a bunch of XP to help rocket you up those Battle Pass tiers.

In this guide, we're going to help you find all of the Birthday Cake locations and provide a few tips and tricks to help you complete this challenge with ease.

Fortnite - How To Dance In Front Of Different Birthday Cakes

To complete the birthday event, you have to dance in front of a total of 10 different Birthday Cakes.They're pretty tough to find, but you'll know you're near one when you find balloons pinned to stuff.

Once you've found one, simply dance in front of it. In fact, you don't even have to dance – using any emote in front of it will work. Just make sure you equip at least one emote in your locker before heading into a match, eh?


As soon as you trigger an emote, you should see the progress total appear on the left of your screen. Spot that and you'll know you've done it properly.

One last thing to note is that you do have to dance in front of 10 different Birthday Cakes to complete this challenge, so it's worth making a note of the location of the Birthday Cake you've just danced in front of so you don't accidentally double up.

Fortnite - Birthday Cake Locations


There are a total of 10 different Birthday Cakes in Fortnite, so you have to dance in front of every single one of them to complete this challenge. Look above, and you'll see a handy map detailing every single birthday cake location.

Pleasant Park Birthday Cake

Just outside of Pleasant Park on the east side.


Loot Lake / Tilted Towers Birthday Cake

Just outside of the water by a big tree to the south of Loot Lake.


Greasy Grove Birthday Cake

North east Greasy Grove, by the gas station.


Flush Factory Birthday Cake

Northern Flush Factory in the car park.


Lazy Links Birthday Cake

South Lazy Links by the windy road.


Risky Reels / Wailing Woods Birthday Cake

On a hilltop north west of Wailing Woods.


Lonely Lodge Birthday Cake

West of Lonely Lodge, by the 'L' in 'Lonely'.


Retail Row Birthday Cake

Centre east of Retail Row, in the car park.


Paradise Palms Birthday Cake

Just outside of Paradise Palms to the north.


Fatal Fields Birthday Cake

Centre north of Fatal Fields.