Earlier this year it was revealed Joakim Sandberg's indie title, Iconoclasts, would be ported to the Switch following the game's positively received release on PC and multiple other platforms. Now, Famitsu is reporting the long-awaited title will arrive on the eShop in Japan on 2nd August with the help of Dangen Entertainment.

The game is described as a 2D action-platformer incorporating elements of the Metroidvania genre. You take control of a renegade mechanic named Robin, who must solve environmental puzzles and take down more than twenty different bosses. Based on the trailer, the action looks fast and frantic. You'll also apparently be able to scale the difficulty up or down mid-game, and there's even a Boss Rush mode included. Hopefully, a western release isn't too far off. 

Tell us in the comments if you like the look of this game based on the above trailer, or even if you've played it before elsewhere. 

[source famitsu.com]