As you might have heard, SNK is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year with the release of the Neo Geo Mini. The company has released morsels of information about the system in recent times and now the official Neo Geo Mini online presentation is here to provide a more detailed rundown.

Presented by American voice actor, Maxwell Powers, the video runs for just over 12 minutes and covers a range of topics including the system's hardware specifications, the official controller, the Neo Geo Mini International and also a rundown on the games and features built into each unit. Adding to this are multiple interviews focused on the origins of Neo Geo and how the Neo Geo Mini came to fruition. 

The system will launch in Japan this summer, with a global release to follow at a later date. At this point in time, pricing has not been announced. It was also revealed the SNK hardware will be playable at this year's E3 from 12th June onwards. 

Watch above, and let us know in the comments if you’re excited about the Neo Geo Mini’s arrival.