Fortnite's recent arrival has shown us that voice chat can be sweet and simple on Switch; for the first time since the console's launch, a developer has strolled in and plonked down a fantastically smooth option to talk to your friends with no hassle (or ridiculous cable spaghetti nightmares - thanks Nintendo!).

Naturally, with this being the first time we've seen voice chat take place through the console itself, players are stumbling across interesting little things that were previously unknown. Perhaps the best example of this is the fact that the Switch's video capture functionality (performed by holding down the Capture button on your controller) actually records any voices that can be heard while playing. You can hear this happening in @CaptainSlayer's recording below.


As you can clearly hear at the end of the video, a teammate cries out a very audible "good job", congratulating the uploader on their Victory Royale success. Things get even more interesting, however, as it turns out that this friend was playing the game on an Xbox One X. Yes, that's right: you can seemingly record any voices coming into your game, even from other systems.


Until other games adopt a similar voice chat method, it's impossible to know whether this feature will always be available across the board. It could be that while Fortnite is set up to allow this, Nintendo may choose to block this from happening in its first-party releases. We'll just have to wait and see.

Until then, feel free to start sharing your team's victory cries on social media immediately and, if you're reading this @CaptainSlayer - good job!

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