We're big fans of Taiko: Drum Master here at Nintendo Life - or Taiko No Tatsujin as it's known in the East - but while we were stoked to hear the series was making its way to Switch, we were also frustrated it was seemingly being released with no consideration for us western percussionists. Well, while it still isn't getting an official release in the West just yet, it has been revealed the game will be getting an English version.

An English version already exists on PS4, but it's great to see the Switch version also getting a similar patch when it arrives in August. Considering the Nintendo version uses the motion controls of your Joy-Con to drum a sick beat, and includes music from Splatoon 2, it's becoming a must-have import.

What do you make of Taiko Drum Master? Have you played it before, and if so, do you think it's a good fit for Nintendo Switch?