Fortnite coming to Switch is welcome news, especially for those of you who have been wondering what all the fuss is about. However, if you've previously been enjoying the game on PS4 and wish to retain your progress and purchases when playing on Switch, we've got some bad news - there's currently no way of linking your existing account to both platforms.

When you play Fortnite for the first time you're asked to create an account with Epic Games which tracks all of your progress. On PS4 you can choose to not do this, and Epic simply creates a 'nameless' Epic Account which is associated with your PSN account. You can at any point upgrade this to a full Epic Account, but as long as the Account is linked with your PSN, there's no way of linking it with another system (such as Xbox Live or Switch).

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 19.09.52.png

Instead, you have to create an entirely new account for Switch, which means you lose all of your progress and purchases. Basically, if you're an existing PS4 Fortnite player and also own a Switch, you may need to pay for things like the Battle Pass twice over. Annoyingly, this issue doesn't exist if you're playing the game on iOS - it's perfectly possible to link your Epic Account with the game on iPhone as well as a PS4 console. UPDATE: We've since discovered that even if you completely disconnect your PSN account from your Epic Account, you still can't play the game on Switch - so don't try that, OK? 

To reiterate: once your Epic / Fortnite account has been used on a PS4, you can NEVER use it on any other platform.

Who do we thank for this? Good old Sony, which has a rather draconian stance on cross-platform play. We've not confirmed it, but if you're an Xbox One Fortnite player then we assume you'll be fine sharing your progress between your Xbox and your Switch, as Microsoft has no problems with cross-platform gameplay.

As you can imagine, the news hasn't gone down well online.

Let us know if you've run into this issue by posting a comment below.