Fortnite Image.jpg

Based on the information that’s surfaced over the past few weeks, it appears Fortnite will arrive on the Nintendo Switch eShop at some point during this year’s E3.

To help tide you over until then, here’s some nightmare fuel. A fan of the insanely popular free-to-play battle royale game has created concept art, illustrating what a KFC cross-over with Fortnite could potentially look like in the form of a character skin:

Since going live, KFC Canada’s tweet has been given the thumbs up by professional eSport players and even the likes of Twin Galaxies. The skin itself replaces the glider with a chicken and there’s a finger lickin’ emote included to help celebrate any victories. Looking back on food promotions for video games over the years, crazier things have happened.

Tell us in the comments if you think this skin looks tasty, or if you would prefer your Fortnite sessions remain chicken-free when the game eventually arrives on the Switch.