Indie developer Bromio has announced that its upcoming brawler Pato Box will launch on Nintendo Switch on 9th July.

Pato Box is an adventure fighting game inspired by the Punch-Out!! series, taking players on a surreal boxing quest with a duck. Yes, an actual duck. The game adopts a graphic novel style presentation throughout, with fast-paced fights that have been designed to test your reflexes as a true boxing champion.

The Nintendo Switch version will include all updates seen in the already-released Steam edition of the game such as the Arcade mode and the secret boss. You can check out a full feature list right here:

- Find the truth on Story Mode, a single player adventure filled with surprises and 3D environments as well as 2D boss fights!
- Fight your way through Arcade Mode, defeat all the bosses as fast as possible one at a time or all in row with a special boss at the end!
- Challenging and surreal 2D fights with a comic book art style.
- Motion control support that will make you the real boxing champion!
- Amazing Soundtrack by Controvol (with an additional track from guest artist Vangal) that will fill you with adrenaline.
- Ducks! Lots of ducks!

As mentioned above, Pato Box will be available on 9th July, but a 10% pre-order discount is also scheduled to become available on 2nd July from the Nintendo eShop.

This certainly looks like an intriguing title to us. Will you be watching out for this one when it launches early next month? Let us know if you're interested with a cheeky comment.